Not to be cliched but seriously TGIF.

I am so glad it’s Friday evening.  School this week has been stressful and I’m looking forward to spending tonight catching up on the rest of Glee Season 2 with my dinner.


I spent quite some time debating whether or not to add carbs to my dinner.  Whole wheat pasta won and I’m really glad with my decision.



The rest of my meal consisted of microwaved/steamed frozen broccoli and cauliflower with some garlic powder and parsley sprinkled over it…




And a small salmon fillet covered in garlic powder and basil (and slightly burnt).




Earlier, I munched on half of a Clif Bar after class to get me through a tedious 2 1/2 hours of group work on an audio project.



I love love love Clif bars.





And I later skyped with my mum back at home who tried to lift my distressed spirits by talking through a spongebob pillow.  Oh, mum.  I love you so much. 🙂






But the highlight of my day was seeing this:






Because now I know that people are actually reading what I write…and that gives me so much more encouragement to keep working on my fitness and healthy eating…and, of course, keep blogging about it.  Thank you thank you thank you so much for reading…it really means a lot to me.

(by the way…i know the photo says that I liked my post as well…just so you know, it was total mistake that I pressed the “like” button.  I’m not that conceited 😛 )

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