Kicking some Kenpo butt with P90X

Isn’t it just the greatest feeling when you push yourself to accomplish a workout that you almost decided to skip?

This morning I P90X-ed it out doing Kenpo Cardio Plus.  And I’m so glad I didn’t allow myself to avoid it out of sheer laziness.  I feel fantastic…and that’s the best part of exercising.






I’ve been really pleased with the P90X videos, more than I have ever been with any other workout video.  The exercises are challenging but doable and the host, Tony Horton, keeps you going with his wonderful sense of humour.

After the video, I did a bit of extra strength moves…push-ups, plank, squats…and then stretched.  (years of ballet during my childhood have trained me to feel incomplete if I don’t get a good set of stretching in post workout)



Then I enjoyed my oatmeal with flax seed and super sweet apple on my yoga mat.








Now it’s time to focus on my homework and hopefully catch the bus to the grocery to buy flatbread for the chicken wrap I’m hopefully going to make for dinner tonight!  Have a great Saturday everyone! 🙂

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