The Life I Want To Live – A reflection on food

Part of the reason why I started this blog is to help me achieve and maintain a healthier way of living.  Therefore, I vow to be myself here on this blog…to speak the truth about my everyday life instead of trying to be some polished and perfectly clean eater.  That person is not me…nor will it ever be.  And I’m learning that that is ok.

I’m learning that it’s ok to satisfy my sweet tooth with a piece of fruit…as well as a cookie.

apples sprinkled with cinnamon

chocolate chip cookie shared among 3 friends. (photo cred: my best friend A.)








I’m learning that the word of everyday is moderation…because my happiness comes from knowing that I’ve nourished myself without depriving myself.

And that if I’m spending hours debating whether or not I should eat carbs with my dinner, then I’m really not embracing the life of carefree happiness that I want to live.

Last night, after agonizing over a decision between a plate of veggies and chicken v.s. a whole wheat chicken wrap for dinner, I realized that the path I was heading down was not the one to happiness.  I needed to do what my mind and body needed – and that was loosen up, savour the moment and be human.

And I’m certainly glad that I did.  Just look at it! ^^

I am not advocating that we should toss all common sense out of the window and stuff our faces with ice cream and cake every and any time we want it.  I am simply saying that I refuse to make myself miserable over food.  Withholding the pleasure of eating is just as bad as binging. The journey you make should be about finding a balance where you are honouring your body’s hunger with wholesome foods, yet still finding moments to indulge in a cookie or a cup of hot chocolate.  Life is far too short to believe that those little pleasures are evil and that all shame should be cast upon you should you even decided to take a bite of that cheesecake.






Because really, what is life without a little sweetness?

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