R.I.P. salsa :(

Welcome to the scene of the crime.

This morning I’ve seemed to have lost all control of my arms and keep dropping things.  It started with my bar of soap in the shower and just kept going until, inevitably, this happened.


This is not a happy face because that salsa was so dang good.





R.I.P Tostitos Salsa and sliced mushrooms. 😦


Nevertheless, breakfast turned out to be a delight (although I didn’t get much time to enjoy it as I had to run off to class).



I had oatmeal and on the side sliced strawberries, half of a banana, activia vanilla yoghurt and some flax seeds.




Yummy, isn’t it!  🙂

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4 Responses to R.I.P. salsa :(

  1. that breakfast looked pretty good!

  2. I have done that so many times. Clumsy at its core.

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