Worst Dinner Ever?

Ughhh.  What a day it’s been.  From extreme butter fingers this morning to a day of school stress, I was hoping to come home to make some sort of delicious-comfort-healthy fusion for dinner.

That, unfortunately, did not turn out to be the case.

I debated for a while whether or not I should post this horrid mix of a meal, but alas, here it is.

I tried to do a one-bowl wonder but I’m guessing the combination of brussels sprouts, canned tuna, a piece of mozzarella cheese, (reeeally al dente) pasta and a spoonful of hummus just couldn’t make for a delicious meal.

College-kid-can’t-cook Patrice strikes again!

I then followed up the meal with a few spoons of vanilla yoghurt and some Santa shaped chocolates for dessert.






They’re adorable, aren’t they? 🙂


So, the truth?  Somewhere behind the pictures of pretty yoghurt covered strawberries and bananas is probably just a kid who still can’t use a stove properly yet.  I’ll get there one day though.  I’m still learning!

What do you do for dinner after a long, hard day?

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