New Jar O’ Almond Butter!

I’m on a whole wheat wrap craze.


This was last night’s dinner.





1 whole wheat wrap with hummus, a handful of spinach, 1/2  of a tomato and 1 slice of mozarella cheese, sprinkled with garlic powder and cayenne pepper.




And on the side, some steamed broccoli.





For dessert, I had a peach.

That was certainly all well and good until my inner food monster took over and I ended up snacking like a ravenous lion who had not eaten in days.  And let me tell you, they certainly were not the best of snacks.

It happens.  I accept it and move on.

The downside of that though (other than the omg “my muffin top is back in full force” thoughts) is waking up feeling sluggish and not hungry.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve really come to enjoy not feeling weighed down by an overstuffed stomach.  That being said, the sensation of a filled stomach is great.  It’s kind of just getting to know when your body is saying I’m full and respecting that sensation.

Man oh man does overeating zap your energy…and motivation.

Nevertheless, I continue push through those little barriers and had a decent workout this morning.

I did the “Running Hills” treadmill workout that I found on fitsugar but really took down the intensity of it.  I just can’t run for long times at 6.0 mph.  I’ll get there soon though.

And then….I finally opened my jar of Almond Budder extreme.  Can you hear the hallelujah chorus?!

The only ingredients in it are almonds and flax seed oil.  It’s my earthly heaven.

I literally sang “you are so beautiful to meee” as I opened it up.


And then put a tablespoon of it all over my banana.  🙂

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2 Responses to New Jar O’ Almond Butter!

  1. Sere says:

    I had the same dinner yesterday! But with a “real” dessert =)

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