One day I’ll be a champion of fitness

There are two things that I hate to have happen while exercising:

– The first is having my muscles hurt so badly that I can’t get my heart rate high enough to feel like I’m working out.

– The second is having my heart rate shoot up so quickly that I actually can’t do the work out properly.

The latter of those two situations happened to me today while I was doing P90X Intervals X.  It only took a few minutes into the video for me to be huffing and puffing and hitting the pause button.  I could feel my heart pounding.  It didn’t get easier, but I soldiered through it.  The only problem is that when I don’t have the capacity to push myself, I always feel like I failed at the workout…or that I didn’t even workout at all.

I know that’s not true.  I did break a sweat, so I am proud of myself for that.  But, I just know that the day I can do that Interval video nonstop, I will have reached a pretty good level of fitness.  One day I’m going to be a champion of fitness and run marathons.

Anyhow, enough of that whining.  Unfortunately, dinner was not super special, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


I’m one of those people who, from time to time, likes a bowl of plain boiled brussels sprouts and broccoli.

I devoured this while waiting for my salmon to cook.



Once it was done, I tossed the salmon into my empty bowl and ate it within minutes.

It’s seasoned with garlic powder, salt, oregano and cayenne pepper.

For this lazy bum tonight, I think it works.



Now I’m off to bed.  I have really busy day tomorrow and need to wake up as early as possible.

See you tomorrow blog world 🙂

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2 Responses to One day I’ll be a champion of fitness

  1. Sere says:

    I love Brussels sprouts too! I ate them just boiled and now practically every day since I’m living in Belgium for a college exchange. They are everywhere here!

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