Non-stop Sunday

I think I generate way too much laundry in one week.






After fighting my way through P90X Kenpo Cardio X and some light strength training, I continued with an upper body workout carrying this basket of clothes down the long hallway to my floor’s laundry room.

Until I left home last August, my mum basically did all of my laundry for me.  I never really appreciated it until now.  Thank you mum ❤ *big hug*.


For breakfast on my yoga mat, a super sweet peach.





And about an hour later, a bowl of oatmeal with flax seeds.




And simply because I was craving it all day yesterday, a heaping spoonful of heavenly almond butter.  [insert ginormous smile]



I also had the other half of my Clif bar from last night before my exercise session.

Well, I’m going to be on turbo mode today.  Off to church in an hour, then to a television studio practice with my class, then to Superstore to replenish my food stocks and then finally back home to get some work done!!  And they say Sunday is a day of rest.  If only…if only…

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