The Savoury Waffle Saga

So…awkward.  I fell asleep while writing this post last night, but I’ll still be uploading it as if it were yesterday.  Tee hee.


I’m so glad this hectic day is over.  I’m currently laying on my bed in darkness, trying to get some last minute schoolwork in before I absolutely have to fall asleep.

Originally I had planned to make Tina (Faith, Fitness, Fun)’s Roasted Eggplant Panini for dinner, but after elaborate inspection, I just couldn’t buy Superstore’s eggplants tonight.  They were just about on their last legs.  Hopefully there will be a fresh stock out the next time I venture to the grocery.

I did, however, buy mini-waffles and invented my most epic dinner yet!

I present to you: the Savoury Dinner Waffles saga!


So it started with these mini waffles.




I popped 2 sets of them into the toaster oven for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees.  Around the 10 minute mark, I added 2 slices of swiss cheese.






Once they were done cooking, I added a tablespoon of hummus and a slice of tomato to each set. (don’t they kind of look like flowers?!)






And then sprinkled some basil over top.






On the side, I had some boiled broccoli, flavoured with basil and garlic powder.






Altogether, a truly enjoyable and doable meal for a rookie cook like me.  Hooray!

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3 Responses to The Savoury Waffle Saga

  1. That’s such a yummy sounding dinner! And yea…sometimes eggplants are just funky in the store.

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