I learn from each mistake

The greatest and most difficult thing about writing this blog has been being completely open and honest about my life.

It’s great because I get to share with you my accomplishments and new successes.  However, it’s not always so easy when I have to be open about the ugly stuff…

The reason why I have not posted anything all day long is because I’ve really been struggling with what happened last night.

Last night, I ate way beyond the point of fullness and totally spiralled into a mental mess of guilt, anger and fear.  All of these emotions stuck with me for this entire day and it’s almost been impossible to imagine continuing with this blog when I feel like such a hypocrite.  (I took photos of almost everything, but it’s just way too hard to post them all).

Anyhow, instead of elaborating on these awful emotions, I want to try and extract every ounce of positivity that I can from my slip up… Because honestly, if I can’t learn from my mistakes, then I’m not growing as a person at all.

So what do I take away from yet another slip-up?

1) I understand that the journey to a healthy relationship with food is not easy.  I will have fantastic days and difficult days, but I must embrace each one and learn from it.

2) Balancing a healthy lifestyle with an incredibly demanding college program is not easy.  I have to acknowledge that on a daily basis and congratulate myself for making a real attempt at changing my habits.

3) You never fail until you truly give up.  And I will never give up.

I will not let a setback tell me that my hopes for the future are unachievable.

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