Clean Room, Happy Mind

It’s incredible how an organized room can absolutely transform your state of mind.

These are the before shots.






And here are the afters.






It’s not perfectly tidy, but at least I can have some peace of mind in my own room again.  I honestly have no idea how my room gets so messy, so quickly.

This morning I hit the treadmill with a total mileage of something like 2.6 miles run and walked.  After missing a day of exercise yesterday (for the first time in 4 weeks!!), I feel refreshed and truly blessed to be able to start my day off with a sweat session.


I also cut a huge slice out of my cantaloupe for part of breakfast.

Ah, fresh cantaloupe is always so juicy and sweet.


And here was the final product:


4 mini waffles, that damn juicy slice of cantaloupe, 2 strawberries slices, 1/2 of a banana and a tablespoon of vanilla yogurt.



Super delicious and satisfying?  I’d say it was a great breakfast to start off my day.






I also attempted the Accent Vlog.  I can’t seem to upload it here on WordPress, but if you’re interested in hearing my Caribbean-Trinidadian accent, i’ve posted my rambling here on youtube!  (I don’t know why I sound like a rehearsed recording at the end!  So awkward haha)

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