Burning The Midnight Oil

It was bound to happen at some point.  Today was the longest day ever…12 hours in class with just about one hour’s break for lunch.  How did I get through it?  As a friend said, “With caffeine and a prayer”.

As I’m posting this, it’s almost 2:30 a.m.  I honestly haven’t gone to bed this late in at least a month and I guess I’ll have to do some shifting with my workout time tomorrow.  *grumble*  Life is all about being flexible…and with a schedule as crazy as mine, I’m definitely getting a good schooling in that life skill.

Anyhow, dinner was absolutely perfect.  I made a brocco-sweet pepper-mushroom tortilla pizza.

First I started off by (sauteing?) a large handful of canned mushroom slices and some slices of a yellow sweet pepper at 350 F.  I don’t really use oil or butter when cooking, but I’m sure if you do use it, it will only enhance the flavour.







I sprinkled some onion and garlic powder on the mushrooms and sweet pepper for a bit of flavour.  The aroma was just incredible.







While that was cooking up, I flipped the tortilla to the other side and placed one slice of swiss cheese and one slice of gouda on top of it till they melted.







Once the cheese had mostly melted, I placed the mushrooms and peppers onto the tortilla and added some boiled broccoli and a few spoonfuls of medium-spicy salsa.  (roasted broccoli may have been a better option, but my belly just couldn’t wait for veggies to roast)

Et voila!  The easiest pizza in the world to make!







It was crunchy, flavourful and wasn’t overkill on the cheese.  It may not be an authentic pizza, but it surely reminded me of one (and it was so easy to make!).  I couldn’t ask for more of a relaxing dinner after a hectic day.







As for dessert, I decided to have half of a Carrot Cake Clif Bar.


I’m definitely not a fan of this flavour 😦

Although, I will admit that I went back for the other half a few hours later.  (Oh late nights and hungry-sleepy sensations)


Hope everyone’s Wednesday wasn’t as hectic as mine!

See you tomorrow…or, in this case, later today, as it’s already 5 minutes to 3 a.m.

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