I ventured into cookie territory…and survived!

Buttery.  Subtly sweet.  Absolutely delicious.  It can only be the amazing vegetable (or is it a fruit?) that we call Butternut Squash.

Tonight was my very first time cooking it (I put it the microwave for about 9 minutes) and was pleasantly surprised at how good it turned out.

Sprinkled with some sea salt, black pepper and paprika, it was even better than I remember it being whenever I last had it (i.e. a reaaally long time ago).





It was such a gigantic piece of squash that I decided to pair it with something light and small – 2 tablespoons of hummus.




I tried to get innovative and pair the hummus with the squash, but unfortunately, they didn’t make the best taste when combined.

I still really enjoyed them separately though!



Immediately after dinner, I was hit by a dessert craving, so after some deliberation, I bought a pack of Double Chocolate Fudge cookies (2 in the pack) from the vending machine in my residence lobby.


I paired it with 1/3 cup of almond milk while watching the latest episode of Glee – the Valentine’s Day one.




I may or may not have had the other cookie with some more almond milk afterward.  I’ll let you be the judge on that one. *guilty face*

On a happy note, I am very glad to say that even though I ate something typically “naughty”, I didn’t let it send me into an eating frenzy (as it normally would).  It was difficult (and to some extent, still is), but I fought off all thoughts of binging now and eating perfectly clean tomorrow.  Blasting some music really helped me sit with my thoughts and resist the urge.   This is only one small success, but I’m proud of myself nonetheless.

Now, it’s off to bed.  Gotta wake up early and get ready for a field trip in Toronto!

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