Waffles Win! Oatmeal’s Out.

Good morning folks!  Well, if it isn’t Friday once again!  That means we’ve survived another week.

I went to sleep a bit late last night again, but managed to drag myself out of bed by 5:15 this morning to hit the treadmill in my residence gym.  I didn’t push myself as hard as I would have liked to, but it was a good sweat session nonetheless.

Today I’m going to be in Toronto on a field trip with my Dramatic Production class, so I’m all stocked up and ready to take on the big city with my daily supplies:

Some baby carrots, an apple, a peanut butter Clif Bar (of course) and a big bottle of water.  That should keep me going until I get home for dinner.






In other news, I finally broke my oatmeal streak this morning with some delicious mini waffles!


Van’s Mini Waffles have been absolutely amazing.

I try not to count calories too much, but 8 of these little babies only pack in 140 calories.  That’s a pretty good deal in my opinion.



I spread 2 triangles of light Laughing Cow Cheese on them.  (Sometimes I just love savoury/sweet dishes for breakfast)





And on the side had 7 small strawberries and some blueberries.




Both delicious and beautiful 🙂  Happy Friday everyone!

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One Response to Waffles Win! Oatmeal’s Out.

  1. patricia says:

    Very delicious breakfast. Almost looks like a dessert. Keep up the good work.

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