I am tired! – The 3 a.m. blog post

My apologies for this late update!  I don’t want to make excuses but school has honestly been really hectic.  It’s 2:30 a.m. right now and I’m dreading waking up before 6.  Sleep deprivation is never good.

Exhibit A - sleep deprived grumpy face

(^confession: I totally posed for this^)

Tonight’s dinner was fantastic –  I call it The Avocado-Spinach-Salmon Pumpernickel Sandwich.  (epic title, I know) but I think I’ve redeemed myself after that Mondo Tuna Sandwich madness.


Initially, I wanted to make a sandwich, but since I am clearly the queen of overstuffing things, an open faced sandwich it became!

Firstly I spread half of a mashed avocado (spiced up with some garlic powder and salt) over 2 slices of toasted pumpernickel bread.



On top of that, I laid a big handful of spinach, a small slice of tomato and some salmon (cooked with garlic powder, onion powder and basil).




On the side, I had some boiled broccoli.  Somehow, they were extra delicious tonight.




It was a great dinner for a hungry girl after a lonnnng day.






As we all know, Valentine’s Day was yesterday and I came home to find this sweet surprise from my roommate!






I haven’t had Hershey’s cookies n’ cream chocolate in YEARS!


But, for now I’m sticking with the lip chocolate.





And i’m doing my best to eat only two at a time – Moderation is the name of this game!


As for the earlier part of today…


I packed a salad to go with 2 tablespoons of garlic roasted hummus  (i think i am addicted to garlic).

The lettuce and tomatoes are hidden in this photo, but they’re there.  I promise.


And breakfast was a pear bartlett (all sliced up) with oatmeal and flax seeds.

Anyhow, this tired and work overloaded girl is signing out now and going to sleep before she start calculating the number of hours left until the weekend.  Only 3 days till!  We can make this!

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One Response to I am tired! – The 3 a.m. blog post

  1. huggy says:

    Patrice your food looks so good. I think a food mag. will offer you a job some day.
    You are really doing well.

    Eating moderately and healthy is not an act but a habit. Quote by Paristotle

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