The Asian Inspiration

Yesterday I reconnected with my asian side and had Chicken Broth Noodle Soup from Thai Express for lunch.


The flavours in the soup were just magnificent and really enjoyed it.





However, the portion size was just incredible!  And even though I know I’m embarrassingly capable of eating the entire thing, I saved a little less than half the noodles for later and created my own asian veggie noodle bowl for dinner.


I steamed 1/2 cup of frozen lima beans, some brussels sprouts and carrots.  Then tossed in some ginger, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and, of course, soy sauce.




To complete the Asian vibe, I added some steamed bok choy and devoured the meal with a pair of wooden chopsticks.  🙂




This morning I was so unmotivated to workout, but eventually got my lazy butt into gear and did Tracey Mallet’s SuperBody Bootcamp Burn It.






I’ve had this exercise DVD for almost 4 years now.  It’s a nice fusion of kick-boxing and strength training and there’s a pretty good ab workout at the end.  It’s not as hard as some of the P90X stuff, but you certainly do break a good sweat if you get into it.


For breakfast, I enjoyed another bowl of banana oatmeal with chia seeds while attempting to be proactive and study for a test I have this Friday.



Now, I have to go finish doing my laundry and find motivation to get to the supermarket today!

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂


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