No Rules, No Rebellion?

Curious, very curious I say.

The day I’ve given myself full permission to eat whatever I want is the day that my desire to devour mounds of chocolate cake and bowls of creamy pasta is at its weakest.

I figured, well hey, it’s the beginning of reading week, I’ve made it through 7 weeks of tough classes and projects – time to celebrate.  I even made myself a bowl of overnight oats for dessert, but I’m surprisingly filled after a very simple dinner.

Perhaps too many rules and trying to be too strict with myself brings out the rebellious teenager in me.  Definitely something to think about as I continue this journey of healthy living.

Anyhow, today was a good day even though a lot of the foods I’ve consumed have typically been on my hands off list.

I started the day off with another delicious serving of overnight oats topped with blueberries and blackberries.






I’ve honestly fallen in love with this breakfast.  It’s taken my oats obsession to a whole other level.


For lunch, I noshed on some cafeteria veggie pizza with a garlic dip on the side.

It was satisfying and even though I wanted something sweet afterwards, I promised myself I could have it if I waited until my class break.


And about one and a half hours later, I did.


I grabbed a cup of hot chocolate (not the best, but it’ll pass) and 2 Quaker oatmeal cookies.

It was good.  I felt barely any guilt at all.



My class ended early at 2:30, but I stayed busy until almost 8 o’ clock tonight between a production meeting for my television production class and working on some audio projects.

I was ravenous by the time I got home and really wanted to welcome my Reading Week with some sort of decadent dessert.  However, laziness (luckily) kicked in and I decided to avoid the cold walk to the grocery across the street for the chocolate cake I’ve been eyeing for about a week now.

So, dinner ended up being incredibly simple.  (please forgive the messy photography…I was just dying to eat)

Originally, I had set out to do a hummus and melted mozzarella cheese wrap, but eventually ended up adding 2 lettuce leaves, some cucumber and salsa and a few baby carrots on the side.

Again, I was surprised by how filled I felt after eating this.  There was barely any room for dessert!

Now I’m settling in to watch “Up In The Air” with the now non-existent scoop of peanut butter and almonds.  (I ate them before I finished writing this post)




So, all in all, my lesson of the day is relax the reins once in a while – you may just surprise yourself as I have today!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend ahead 🙂

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