Dining Out – The Mandarin Feast

So, confession…

Even though I posted about not rebelling against my own rules yesterday, while watching a movie last night, the hungry monster came out and I went a bit overboard with the mindless eating before bed.  I’ve found nighttimes to be the most difficult time of day to avoid overeating and as a result, I actually woke up feeling full this morning.  I really dislike that feeling, but luckily, today turned out to be pretty darn great.

I started off the day with an easy-ish run on the treadmill, but ducked out of some post strength training and stretching.

And since I was still full from last night’s food intake, I kept breakfast light.


A banana and one tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter was all I needed to be satisfied.




Shortly after, I grabbed some grapes, but halfway through decided I didn’t really want them.

They hit the fridge and I finished them later.


By lunch time, my roommate and I decided that we wanted to go out for dinner to Mandarin –  an amazing Chinese buffet-styled restaurant.


Knowing that we’d probably be going overboard, I also kept lunch light with a simple salad (sprinkled with onion and garlic powder) and a baked chicken breast.



And then, 7:15 finally rolled around and we arrived at Mandarin!






By that time, I was so hungry and couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the delicious array of food that my roomie had been talking about for ages!






I started off with a very small appetizer of romaine lettuce tossed in caesar dressing, some corn, mango salad and some broccoli.  The broccoli didn’t impress me, but everything else was great!









Then I moved on to the main course and from the dozens of options, I chose garlic broccoli, fried and sauteed shrimp, an egg roll, a spring roll, a barbecue pork ball, some asparagus, some noodles and a bit of white rice.

Here’s the other side of my food mountain.

Going to the restaurant, I had imagined myself eating more adventurously, but regardless, I enjoyed almost everything that I put on my plate…especially those pork balls.  They were unfortunately oily, but absolutely melted in your mouth.  I simply had to taste it again, so I got another one (along with another fried shrimp) once I was done with that plate.

For dessert, I chose 2 delicious brownies and a small scoop of cappuccino ice cream.

The ice cream was so darn good, I went back for another helping, but this time sprinkled some oreo crumbles and put chocolate sauce on it.  (Someone’s got a sweet tooth huh!)

Finally, to end the feast off, I opened my fortune cookie and was given some very interesting food for thought.

Thanks for the reminder fortune cookie that you reach your goals by working towards them.

Today, I am proud to say that I felt balanced.  Though I clearly indulged, I feel absolutely no guilt.

It’s days like these – the days that I can indulge without going unhealthily overboard – that remind me of why I’m working towards leading a healthier more balanced lifestyle.

Hope you had a great Saturday.  Happy Sunday everyone 🙂

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