The New Love In My Life

If it only were a guy.  *cheesy smile*

Luckily, it’s the next best option for a media arts student…

…A Canon Rebel T3i!  WHOA!






Getting out of my dorm and heading to Toronto is always quite an adventure.


I munched on a Granny Smith apple while I waited for the GO Train to Union Station.





And wondered where the other 1/4 of the Via Rail platform was.  Hm.



Once I got to Toronto, I made my way to Henry’s (thank God for GPS on my phone).







And spent a decent amount of time checking out various cameras.  Originally I had wanted to get the Canon Rebel T2i, but eventually decided on the T3i.

It’s almost the same in terms of quality as the T2i…but it was the flip out display screen that got me!

Now for the epic unboxing montage in picture form!

the box

the first layer

2nd layer - english/french manuals

so beautifully packaged in bubblewrap ❤

the lens - 18 to 55 mm

here comes the big reveal!

my new canon rebel t3i

the flip out screen...amazing.






















So hopefully now I can graduate from pretty decent iPhone food photos to amazing meals captured in high-res!

And this time around I will actually read the manual and get to know the camera that I possess.

Whoo…I just can’t wait to use this baby!  …Especially it’s video feature…I am simply drooling just thinking about pulling an unhealthy amount of rack focuses and finally having the equipment to create better quality videos.  (as a media student, this is very important!)

Anyhow…enough tech stuff!  Back to the meals tomorrow.  I promise to have something healthy/balanced to show you.  It’s definitely time to get back on track.

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4 Responses to The New Love In My Life

  1. greg says:

    I’m drooling buckets here!!!! SWEETNES for real! Congrats & have plenty fun!

  2. Oscar Lara says:

    Awesome Camera!!!! I didn’t even know they came out with the t3i! I would def. recommend a 50mm f/1.8. Not only is it the cheapest lens you can buy but it is excellent and takes great photos and would be perfect for taking video in low lights.

    • Patrice says:

      oh yes. i’ve heard great things about getting a 50mm lens. i think i may invest in it after a few months of getting to know my way around the camera.

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