Surviving on Positive Thoughts.

Up and down, up and down.

Sometimes life just feels like a roller coaster…only you’re blindfolded and can’t get off the ride.

Looking at the bigger picture, I know that my life is far from deplorable – after all, I have a comfortable place to live, more than enough food to eat at each meal time and people around me who care about me.  In fact, my life is great, but it’s often easy to get caught up in my emotions and forget that very important fact.

I haven’t been having the greatest day.  I’m homesick, had a horrible mid-term exam and feel like all of my mental faculties are totally drained.  I feel like there’s very little left in me to keep going – to keep me motivated to stay fit, eat healthy and be productive at school.

But I know that this is just one day and that, if I may quote the age old proverb, “this too shall pass”.

That’s why I’m writing to remind myself to not give up and to keep thinking positively.

Yes, I may not have exercised today…and I’ve had a really bad food day, but yesterday morning I had an amazing run.  And I’ve managed to eat mostly moderately for the past few days.

I’m proud of myself for trying and, as challenging as this journey to a more balanced life has been, I’m proud of myself for hanging on…even if it’s sometimes just by the tips of my fingers.

You keep hanging in there too. 🙂


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