Hello Whole Foods! I’m Patrice.

Adventures, adventures!

I’ve been dreaming of taking a trip to Whole Foods for weeks now (having no car makes getting around a little more challenging) and after a stressful week, a little time out and about was just what I needed.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…she was excited to go to a supermarket!?  Well yes.  Without shame, I admit that I was! 😀






I got all starry-eyed when I walked in…  The aroma of delicious muffins, breads, pizzas…and everything else you could possibly imagine…wafted around the store…and I was truly amazed that a supermarket this beautiful existed!

I think I shopped for almost an hour and left very content with a bag full of goodies.

(Whole Foods wins for the cutest reusable bag design and colour ever!)

When I got home, I unpacked and was compelled to take photos of everything that I bought.

I honestly couldn’t tell you how that all fit in one bag.

Anyhow, I’m most excited to try these yummy finds – the banana bread made with kamut flour and this citrus cup with various oranges and grapefruit.







Aaaand!  I found the most adorable eggplant ever!


This little baby is more up to my speed than the huge one I bought a few weeks ago.  I’m definitely looking forward to cooking with it.



I’m now officially in love with Whole Foods, but trips there are probably going to be a special occasion kind of thing.  It’s a tad expensive and I have to watch my college student budget.

Have a great Saturday everyone.  I’m off to do some schoolwork and be productive!


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6 Responses to Hello Whole Foods! I’m Patrice.

  1. Sere says:

    I’d love to have Whole foods in Europe! So I’ll be excited to go there too!

  2. Jodi Ardito says:

    Oh! I love Whole Foods. When I lived in Portland, Oregon…I would go to the one at Bridgeport Village. They had everything wholesome and unique. I remember finding the most perfect venus fly trap! Name one other super market that has a venus fly trap on their shelves. How cool!


  3. David Lee says:

    There’s a reason why we refer to it as “Whole Paycheck”! Having said that, I primarily do most of my shopping there. Here’s a tip, never go there when you’re hungry…

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