Confessions on a Friday evening

In the style of many healthy living bloggers that I read, most recently Holly from The Healthy Everythingtarian, I’m doing a confession blog!  (because, frankly, my silence this past week means that I have a lot to confess)

#1 I haven’t had a salad all week long.

I had this big bowl of vegetables a couple of nights ago, but this is the closest I’ve come to healthier eating all week.  I really need to stop using “being busy” as an excuse for eating badly – and by badly, I mean greasy cafeteria food like everyday.


#2 I thought I was going to die from stress overload

If my emotions had a face, they would have looked like this.

I ain’t lying.  I was a mess.


#3 My clothes are beginning to tell me that I should be missing the gym more than I am.

Too much junk food and not enough gym-ing.  The jeans aren’t liking it very much…and neither am I.  (P.S.  This photo is totally a metaphor)


#4 In writing this blog post, I forgot what confession #4 was supposed to be.

But it’s not surprising as I’ve been forgetting and misplacing things everywhere this week…namely my favourite water bottle, my laptop power cable, my dorm room key and probably a bunch of other items that my scatterbrain can’t remember at this moment.


And saving the best for last…

#5 I clogged my toilet on Thursday night

…which meant that I had to take the walk of shame through my residence with the communal plunger.

Maybe it’s time to stop eating raw rolled oats as a midnight snack.  Hm.

What do you have to confess this week?

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2 Responses to Confessions on a Friday evening

  1. Holly says:

    hahaha LOVE your confessions! ugh. the toilet one. i can’t even count how many times i’ve done that…

    happy wednesday!!

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