A Veggietastic Week

I’m really sorry I haven’t posted all week.  The last couple weeks of school are always crazy hectic – we’re talking 15 hour days and all-nighters – so even though I’m on my computer 24/7, my priority obviously has to be schoolwork.  This blog and everyone who reads it truly mean a lot to me, so that’s why I’m doing my best to keep writing…even if it does mean sporadically.

I’ve actually had a few moments this week where I thought it would be best to sign off of blogging.  Honestly, I’m not living what I thought I’d be when I started this blog 3 months ago.   In January, I thought I’d be exercising everyday, practising the healthiest eating habits and blogging about how I was champion of healthy living.  But as documented here, this college semester has been a tough one and I’ve gone through so many personal ups and downs.

Sometimes it’s been difficult to share my struggles because they are so personal.  And that’s why I’m grateful for this blog…because through sharing my life with you, I have been able to open up.  I’ve reached out for support when I needed it and I’ve begun working on the things in my life that bring me down.

I may not be able to live the ideal healthy blogger’s life everyday, but I can share with you how I, as a first year college student, living away from home on her own for the very first time, can get through each day.

As Art Williams said (and by the way…I have no idea who this guy is)

“I’m not telling you it is going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”

And finally…just in case you’re curious, my week in food involved a lot of less nourishing options (unfortunately), but I did make sure to get my quota of vegetables in – my life is just incomplete without them!

Photo spaz of veggietastic meals now!













Hope your week was great!

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2 Responses to A Veggietastic Week

  1. Diary of a Fitness Amateur says:

    I know how it is to be busy with school and try to keep up blogging. I am a college student,too, and the weeks just seem to get busier and busier! That’s great that you are still able to eat healthy and take care of yourself in college because it can be tough! I should probably be eating more veggies, too! lol

    • Patrice says:

      Glad someone can relate! It really is difficult and I do often find myself eating junk from the cafeteria a lot, but I try my best to balance it out with veggie focused meals. Good luck with the rest of your semester! 🙂

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