Making Films All Weekend Long…

17 days left until school is over and relaxation (and exercise!!!) begins.   I know it doesn’t sound like much…but it feels like it’s so far away.  I’m counting down every second.

My college res is kind of awesome sometimes.  They’ve put up this board with everyone’s name written on a suitcase.  My name is the green one right above the “Bon Voyage”.

I was incredibly busy this past weekend, so I’m only now sort of coming back from major sleep deprivation and finally getting a chance to update you on what’s been happening.

On Saturday I journeyed to Hamilton to shoot extra footage for a short documentary that I’m currently producing.

I walked everywhere around the city for at least 2 hours and made sure to keep a Granny Smith apple handy for refuelling!  (i’m unfortunately counting the walking as my exercise this week so I don’t feel completely depressed that real exercise and I have been on a break)

Sunday was spent shooting another group project – a short film called “Reel Time”.  We had a call time of 3:30 pm and worked all the way until 4:30 am Monday morning.










I was Location Manager, Props and Wardrobe…and unofficial set photographer for the shoot.  (In case I haven’t mentioned this, I’m a first year Media Arts student at Sheridan College in Canada).

We were lucky enough to take over a Montfort Grill House in Mississauga for the night and  had amazing catering.

Our 11 p.m. dinner consisted of salad, pita bread, falafels and 2 different chicken dishes.

This dish here was only the beginning of my meal.  Everything tasted so good!



It was also my first time trying falafels – basically deep fried chickpea balls.  They were pretty good, so I’d like to try them again some time.



Now, I’m trying to fill my daily veggie quota and possibly spend the rest of my day procrastinating doing work as this week is about to get quite hectic with project deadlines creeping up ever so quickly.

cauliflower, broccoli and salsa

Wish me luck and have yourself a great Tuesday!

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