The most amazing OD on Sushi

Today (or technically yesterday) was the most insane day ever.

It started off innocently enough with the healthiest breakfast I’ve had in ages.

Into the almost empty container of plain yogurt went 4 strawberries, 10 blackberries and a whole banana.


It was absolutely perfect and I had a couple spoonfuls of raw rolled oats to finish off my meal.  I’m slightly obsessed with the large flakes.






It truly feels wonderful to finally have fruit at breakfast!  I honestly don’t know how much longer my body would have survived on processed egg and sausage bagels (sounds super delish when I say it like that, right?!)

Since I had started off the day on such a good foot, I hoped that the rest of my meals would continue to be wholesome and balanced…  Well, my college friends surely had something else in mind for me!


Sitting in class working on a project, I got an invitation to join a bunch of them for lunch at Spoon & Fork – a chic Japanese/Thai restaurant with great sushi.



We got there just before the all-you-can-eat lunch ended and being ravenous young adults, ordered practically everything off the menu.  (no joke)

Yes, there were only 6 of us and that napkin shows the massive order that we placed.  I’m pretty sure half of that writing is for sushi…and each order came with 8 pieces on the plate.  Why we thought it was a good idea at the time, I’ll never know…


I started off with the Miso soup.

It always has such a strange taste to me, but I could eat it forever.

This one was quite good and had a few pieces of tofu in it.  😀

Then came the rest of the food.  We actually had to cancel more than half of the order because death by overeating would have been inevitable.

Below are steamed wontons covered in a peanut-y/sweet and sour sauce (on the left) and kalamari, my favourite dish in whole wide world (on the right).  I wasn’t crazy about the wontons…but the kalamari stole my heart.  I think I ate at least half the plate on my own.






We also had spring rolls (very delicious!) and some pad thai…because really, who can go to a part thai restaurant without getting some pad thai!

Among the mix was also the best fried wonton skins you’ll ever have.  I’m almost sad that I only had two.  I also scored a whole bowl of bok choy to myself because I just can’t survive without veggies!






After all of that came the sushi.  I’ve never been much of a sushi lover…(it’s hard to get me to eat anything raw or undercooked)…but in the spirit of adventure, I tried some of the rolls with cooked fish.


Amazingly, these were only some of the dishes on our table throughout our entire     Spoon & Fork experience. (how we lived to tell the tale, we’ll never know).  It got painful and frightening at times, but it was a hilarious and amazing experience with every bite.

This lunch will definitely be on my list of most memorable college moments.

I think I’m going to be full for days!!


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2 Responses to The most amazing OD on Sushi

  1. Wai Li says:

    You know, I’ve never actually had sushi… that must come to an end.

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