R.I.P. Microwave :(

So the microwave quit on me over the weekend.

Not very fun especially because living in a college dorm means that 90% of my cooking is done with it. 😦

But at least one good thing has come out of this tragedy!

Normally, I would never take the time to roast vegetables…it’s usually a quick 5 minute pop into the micro, a dash of seasoning and we’re good to go…but aside from eating frozen, icy vegetables for dinner, the toaster oven and 20 minutes of roasting started to look really good.

And it tastes great too!  Tonight I had a plate of broccoli, brussels sprouts, lima beans and tomatoes, all roasted and seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt, black pepper and rosemary.  Yesterday’s serving of roasted veggies was also quite good.

I won’t lie though…I’m certainly looking forward to getting a new microwave!

P.S. Countdown to the end of school is 3 DAYS!

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