Happy Easter!

Hope the Easter bunny treated you well today!

Being a practising Catholic, Easter is always a special time for me.  Normally my mum and I would go to church in the morning and then have the rest of our family over to our house to share in an incredible feast for a lunch.

what our dinner table at home looks like when family gets together 🙂

This year was a bit different.  Since I am currently living away from home and studying in Canada, I headed over to my uncle’s house for an Easter dinner on Saturday night.

It was like Thanksgiving all over again…simply amazing!!

We started with some delicious shrimp cocktail and my uncle’s famous smoked trout.

And of course, some Amarone wine, which was a bit too strong for me, but tasted great!

For the main course we had an amazing spread of sweet potato mash, brussels sprouts, turkey, turkey stuffing, roast pork…

…a super scrumptious pasta dish…

…and the dessert of your dreams – cheesecake with REAL strawberries on top (much better than the fake cherry stuff it usually has) and a decadent chocolate mudslide cake. Ahhh….heaven.

It was an incredible Easter dinner and I enjoyed every bite.

Today, being Easter Sunday, my mum and I went to church in the morning.  In the evening, we met up with one of my friends for an early dinner at Kelsey’s.

It was “all you can eat wings” Sunday and we definitely had our share of spicy Kelsey’s chicken wings.

And for my meal, I decided to try a veggie burger for the very first time.  It was great, so I may have just found my happy flexitarian alternative to beef burgers.

After dinner, my mum and I hopped over to Tim Hortons for some coffee and took a nice, slow stroll back to my dorm totally loving this warmer spring weather!

And that, my friends, concludes my Easter celebrations!

I hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend!

…and for those of you who do believe in God, I hope it was a special time of prayer and thanksgiving for you, for Jesus who died for us is now risen from the dead!

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