Tropical Living

Best part of living in a tropical country?

Well, there are many great things, but as of today, I’ve decided that it’s mango season.

This sweet, juicy Julie mango was my breakfast yesterday. (in Trinidad, we have several different types of mangoes)  Beautiful no?

Aside from strawberries and blackberries, mangoes – especially this variety – are my favourite fruit.  Honestly, nothing can beat this!!

Yesterday was spent catching up with a bunch of friends from a media house that I volunteered at before heading up to Canada for college.  I really missed those people, so it was great spending the day with them, laughing and making jokes like the old times.

One of the great things about that place is the in-house coffee shop and restaurant, so for lunch, I enjoyed stewed kidney beans, lemon fish, some veggies and “macaroni pie”.

Macaroni pie is one of the true Trinidadian comfort foods.  It’s a pasta dish layered with cheese, milk and sometimes egg and onion.  Topped with a generous sprinkle of cheese, it’s baked and becomes this indulgent dish.

For dinner, I continued to enjoy my mum’s awesome culinary skills in the form of ginger chicken breast, steamed choisam (a chinese veggie) and lo mein chinese noodles.

It feels great to finally get some healthier options back in my diet.

Soon you’ll be seeing salad because college kid can cook Patrice is tired of feeling like a slob!  Time to revamp my eating habits once again. 🙂

Hope your Monday was awesome and have a great Tuesday!

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