Dinner at D’s

Tonight one of my best friends invited me over for dinner at her house and what a wonderful night it was.

We began the night with this fantastic meal prepared by D and her family.

On my plate was the mango cabbage salad, green beans, 2 slices of tomato and shrimp scampi pasta.

 The mango cabbage salad was light and refreshing – a perfect summertime meal – and it’s really hard to go wrong when you present me with pasta (I’m total carbo-nut!).  Dinner at D’s house is always great.

For dessert, I had a big scoop of coconut ice cream.

Sometimes I forget how much I really love coconut ice cream.  It was AMAZING.

After dinner, D and I turned on the TV to catch the latest episode of Glee.

our cute toesies

This was my first time watching Glee on the night that the episode actually premiers and seeing it with my best friend made it an even better experience.  We also watched The Voice and munched on some apples while listening to some great…and not so great singers…and, of course, ogling the forever sexy Adam Levine.

Anyhow, time to get to bed.  I honestly need to start working out and I plan to do that first thing tomorrow morning.  That’s a promise!!   No excuses!

Hope your Tuesday was good and to all the Glee fans out there – next week Tuesday can’t come any sooner!!

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