First Run Out

Oh yeah, who’s back in business!?

With this sweaty photo, I proudly say that I am!

Finally, after a 2 month hiatus from exercise, I rocked an awesome workout this morning (considering my current fitness level), running jogging for a total of 23 minutes and walking for 14.

This was my first jog outdoors in over 8 months and it felt great to be back.  I also did some light strength training afterwards and, of course, stretching (because my workout always feels incomplete without a good stretch).

The great thing about exercising at home is that I always have help to take off my socks once I’m done.

My dog, Binky, is a great sock remover and I definitely missed his crazy need to pull socks off my feet during this semester in Canada.

too cute!!

A great run always starts my day off right and gets me in the mood for a healthy breakfast.

Today’s choice was oatmeal with chia seeds and a bit of almond butter (It tastes better than it looks, I promise!) and the smallest gala apple I have ever seen.

Now, I’m doing my favourite thing after working out in the morning – relaxing on my couch and watching TV while my legs thank me for a taking them outside to pound some road!

Happy cinco de mayo!

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