The Delicious Cuisine of Trinidad: Roti

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  If there’s one thing that I love about being home, it’s the food.  And not just my mum’s amazing creations, but all the diverse local cuisine that Trinidad has to offer.

Since I began this blog in January (while in Canada), I’ve been so excited to get home to share all the fantastic food in Trinidad…food that is a part of my culture and that I’ve been eating my entire life.  Today was no exception.

After powering through some P90X this morning (thank God for exercise DVDs!), I sat down to breakfast featuring yet another juicy Julie mango from the mango tree in my backyard.  Seriously…I could eat these all day!

On the side, I had a cup of Yoplait Greek yogurt with some frozen blocks of strawberries (the strawberries had a major fail in the freezer).

The yogurt was not my favourite, but perhaps Greek yogurt is an acquired taste.  There’s currently another one in the fridge, so maybe I’ll make a decision after tasting it again.

After running a few errands with my mum, we stopped off at one of the most popular roti chains in Trinidad to grab some lunch.

this restaurant has been around as long as I can remember!

Roti is an Indian-Trinidadian food and is, without a doubt, one of the hallmarks of Trinidadian cuisine.

Essentially, roti is almost like a big wrap.  The skin is made from flour and split peas. This type of roti skin is known as dhalpuri. It’s then stuffed with curried potato, channa (aka chickpeas), curried vegetables and meat (anything from shrimp, chicken, beef and even goat).

the roti before I devoured it 🙂

I’ve always loved shrimp roti, so today, I chose to have mini shrimp roti (instead of a regular sized one…because roti is awesome enough to come in mini sizes!)

Shrimp roti....heaven on earth..

Roti can also be enjoyed in other ways.

On my mum’s side of the table was a serving of curried beef, curried channa and curried bodi.  Bodi is similar to long beans.

clearly it was good...the beef was almost gone before I could snap a photo!

Paratha is another type of roti.

Colloquially, it is called “Buss-up-shut” and is my personal favourite.  Its soft, buttery texture is incredible and even though it’s normally eaten with various side dishes, a plate of buss-up-shut alone is all I need to keep me happy.

I had to get in on some "buss-up-shut" action and stole the plate from my mum 🙂

Now this is where it gets messy…and fun!

why use forks when you can use the roti!

The buss-up-shut is used to pick up the other food on your plate…whether its channa (like in this photo) or curried mango or pumpkin.  Expect to lick your fingers clean after this fabulous meal!

Roti is traditionally accompanied by a red sweet drink known as Big Red…but today I decided to go with one of my favourite drinks from home instead –  the Shandy Carib.

Shandy Carib is almost like a baby version to the Caribbean’s beer “Carib”.  With only 1.2% alcohol, it not only tastes great, but is a drink that my unalcoholic self can handle!

Shandy comes in three flavours – Ginger, Lime and Sorrel (a local flavour derived from a fruit known as sorrel).

 And that, my friends, is a true Trinidadian meal!

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One Response to The Delicious Cuisine of Trinidad: Roti

  1. Michael Cory says:

    Thanks for making me SOOOO hungry! Yum!!!

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