The Delicious Cuisine of Trinidad: Shark and Bake

“Shark and Bake” or “Bake and Shark” (not to be confused with Shake and Bake!) – it’s one of the ongoing and never-ending debates around Trinidad.  Nevertheless, whatever you may call it, we all can agree that this dish is proudly Trinidadian and 100% delicious.

What is it?  — Well, first off, it’s the ultimate beach food.

On Mother’s Day, my mum and I set off to Maracas Beach (one of the most well-known beaches in Trinidad)…about a 20 to 30 minute drive from my home and it was definitely worth the journey!

Maracas Beach

We arrived at Richard’s – the best Shark and Bake stall on the beach.  Andrew Zimmern from the Travel Channel actually visited this very stall in an episode of “Bizarre Foods”!

Richard's Shark and Bake stall

The menu

Richard’s Shark and Bake stand has been around longer than I can remember and it’s almost like a tradition to buy from him everytime we go to the beach.

Shark and Bake is somewhat like a fish sandwich.  The “bake” is made from flour and is fried.  It’s then sliced and stuffed with a couple large fillets of fresh, fried shark (yes, you read that right – shark)

Shark and bake - mmmm, delicious!

Richard’s service is incredibly fast.  The shark and bake is literally made right before your eyes and is in your hands within minutes.

With a crowd like that, you know it's good eats!

But the fun’s not over yet!  After receiving our shark and bake, we head to a table filled with salad and various local condiments, from hot pepper sauce to chardon beni (a seasoning similar to cilantro).

the condiments and salad table

The ultimate shark and bake is usually stuffed silly with pineapple, salad and all the various dressings.  As for me, though, I like to keep things simple.

After boxing up several shark and bakes for the road, my mum and I headed back to my cousin’s house to share the goods.  There, I dressed my own with some garlic sauce, chardon beni and pepper sauce.

Time to dig in!!

^^I ain’t got no shame!^^

So my spring weather friends, if the warm tropical weather can’t get you to visit Trinidad, I know the food will!  Shark and Bake is certainly something you have to try at least once in your life!

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5 Responses to The Delicious Cuisine of Trinidad: Shark and Bake

  1. sjlopez says:

    It’s bake and shark!!!! Even the stall says bake and shark!!!

  2. Michael Cory says:

    I’m totally dying right now for a shark n bake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. David says:

    Yup, Shark n Bake is the single thing I miss most about Trinidad!!! I still think about it.

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