When Snack Attacks

Today was a day for the snack attacks.

I’ve never been that great at controlling my inner snacking monster, but today, Madame Hungry was out in full force.  From the moment I woke up, even as I write this post, I’ve been simply ravenous.

I introduce you to Madame Hungry Snacking-Monster. This photo is almost almost a year old, so she's certainly been around for a while.

Before breakfast, I killed off a couple crackers and a Luna bar while impatiently waiting for my meal to finish cooking.

It was yet another one of my mum’s amazing creations – homemade multigrain pizza bottoms (she even used chia seeds in them!), real tomatoes seasoned with garlic, oregano and black pepper and then topped with black olives, red onion and swiss and colby cheese.

Believe me, it is as delicious as it sounds…and looks.  Although, confession – pizza #2 in the back did have a bit of a spill before making it to the photoshoot.  It was sad…but life isn’t perfect and neither are pizzas!

As for the rest of my day, (in between the non-photographed snackage that occurred, of course), I spent it running errands all around town with my mum and eventually bumped in to one of my best friends, D, at the bulk supermarket who had just finished stocking up on some Florida Natural Grapefruit Juice.

Recently, I’ve been going crazy over anything grapefruit, so I’m absolutely loving it and having the hardest time not drinking the entire carton in one sitting!

In the afternoon (after some more snacking), I ventured out on an easy 45 minute road ride with my cousin who also happens to be a sports trainer.  Initially, it was unnerving to ride alongside the afternoon traffic, but it felt great to finally reconnect with my cycling side and see the town I’ve lived in all my life from a different perspective.

Dinner was kept relatively light in an attempt to balance out the hungry monster with a salad and a fillet of steamed salmon garnished with onions and tomatoes.

It’s great to finally have salmon that’s not burnt.  How I missed home-cooked food. 🙂

Hope you’ve had a great week so far.  I’ll be back tomorrow with regular postings!  (Sorry
for the little impromptu break I took these last few days.  I really just needed to chill out and enjoy food without all the photography)

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2 Responses to When Snack Attacks

  1. Wai Li says:

    HEH…. that first picture is hilarious! I love it. I see you and I like the same juice 🙂

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