I’m Out of Hiding!

Whoa!  An actual post after almost 3 months in hiding!  This is something I didn’t think I’d do again after deciding that writing about my life on the internet wasn’t working for me.

I can’t deny it though…I’ve definitely missed sharing my adventures in the food and fitness world.  Most of all, I’ve missed the sense of camaraderie that comes with having family members, friends and even strangers all around the world read the words I write.

Just hearing an “I’m proud of you” from a pal or reading a “keep it up” in the comments has brought immeasurable joy into my life and I really do thank each and every one you for supporting me on my journey.

But enough of the sappy stuff!  It’s time to get a-bloggin’!

So here comes a recap —

Over the last three months…

– I’ve seen 4 amazing runners complete a 31.5 mile ultra marathon.  I was given the great opportunity to document their 7 hour journey and was totally inspired by their strength and determination.  I’m hoping that maybe one day, with a lot of training and a lot of luck, I’ll be able to do the same.

You can check out their incredible journey here in this short video that I produced.

–  I’ve couch-potatoed it (yeah, I’m copyrighting that verb) more than any normal human being ever has.  …Obviously I have no photos of me lying on a couch because  I wouldn’t like to be the one to scar you with the image of a pyjama clad, frizzy-haired teen devouring a bag of popcorn while watching Friends reruns (I apologise for even putting that image into your head).

– But, surprising as it is, I have managed to be productive, finding myself lucky enough to spend four weeks volunteering at a real tv news station…rolling the teleprompter, going out on assignments and writing small stories for the nightly news.

Cool huh?

– I also ran my very first 5K in June.  I completed it in about 34 minutes (slowpoke pace) but I’m incredibly proud of myself.  I now know that it is possible to cross a finish line and feel like I have finally opened the door to the awesome world of competitive running.

As for the future of this blog…It’ll be less of food/fitness log and more of a collection of random posts centred around the ideas of good food, healthy living and a whole lot of awesomeness.

Until the next adventure…keep smiling

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2 Responses to I’m Out of Hiding!

  1. sjlopez says:

    You are so cool! And I like reading about your adventures! If I had any adventures to speak of (on a daily/weekly basis I mean) I’d probably start blogging too. Anywhoozle, can’t wait for the next adventure. =D

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