Turning Twenty

Twenty years ago, at 1:35 a.m. on this day, my little face appeared in world.  And from that very moment, life became an incredible adventure…

Only about four months old, being held in my mum's arms.

If you ask anyone who knew me on that day whether I’d be the walking, talking, basically normal-functioning girl that I am today, they’d probably say no.

That’s because I was born almost 3 months premature and weighed only 2 lbs.  If you held me, I was small enough to fit in the palms of both your hands and couldn’t breathe on my own.  I was diagnosed with a heart murmur (which thankfully healed itself!) and within my two month hospital stay, five babies in my ward (including myself) contracted a terrible bacterial disease.  I was given a 40% chance of survival and was the only one who survived.

Snuggling with my favourite stuffed toy "Stinky" at around 8 months old.

Thinking about how lucky I am to be alive today, truly reminds me that life is a gift and that it is by no mistake that each one of us is alive in this moment.  We are all here for a reason, even if we don’t know exactly what that is just yet.

Dressed up as Misty from Pokemon for Halloween at age 9

So…it’s official.  I think I might actually be what they call a “grown-up”….at least on paper anyway.  I know I still have a lot of maturing and learning to do!

As a child, I’ll always remember saying that I never wanted to rush getting older…that I wanted to enjoy my childhood because I’d only have one.  And looking back on the last twenty years of my life, I can truly say I did that as my childhood holds some of the most wonderful memories that I’ll forever carry in my heart.

At a rock concert with my 4 best friends. (age 17)

And so, on this day in 2011, I feel incredibly blessed to have been given a chance at life…and hope that somehow, I’ll one day be able to give back to God and to the world a portion of what has been given to me.

All smiles at my 5th birthday (left) and enjoying Menchies fro-yo in Toronto on my 20th birthday (right)

(If you look closely, you’ll see that I’m wearing the same necklace in both photos.  I call it my birthday necklace and I’ve worn it almost every year.)

Plus, sharing a birthday with this guy isn’t too shabby either!!

Happy Birthday Andrew Garfield and all you other August 20th babies!!

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One Response to Turning Twenty

  1. Wai Li says:

    I like the pic of you at 9 years. i could have sworn you were turning 21.. man… i feel old now. lol

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