Lovely Lululemon

Life Wish #439 – Own something from Lululemon.

As a fitness lover (with an eye that unfortunately favours the expensive stuff), I’ve always wanted to own something Lululemon since discovering the brand 4 years ago.

So…what’s a girl to do with her summer job earnings and birthday money?  Well, buy some of the most fashionable sportswear she’s ever seen I say!

This being my second autumn/winter in Canada and my first time running outdoors in a temperate climate, I’m wasting no time in getting the right clothing to keep me warm in the cold!  Being a rookie at this, I certainly hope I’m on the right track!

And now that I’ve got the clothes, there’ll be no excuses for me to not keep up my workout routine this fall semester whether it’s warm or cold outside…(believe me, as long as I can, I’ll choose the road over a treadmill any day!).   And I could definitely get used to sportswear that looks good enough to wear to class!

In the photo above is a running pullover equipped with wicking and chafe resistant material.  It’s incredibly comfortable and  yup…with it’s stylish design, it fooled me too.

And thumbs up for thumb holes!  We definitely don’t need this kind of thing in the Caribbean. 🙂

I also bought their Stride Jacket II which has a wonderful fit and makes me feel powerful yet feminine at the same time.

And bonus!  It has a hoodie.  I can definitely imagine wearing this one both while exercising and studying.

And maybe I’ll even consider taking up yoga again with this tank.

Truly a fantastic design on the back (a bit risque for me actually!) and a very flattering fit on the front.

I also learned today that Lululemon has a running club…which is perfect, as I’ve been wanting to join a group to train with.  I’ll be looking into that as soon as I get settled into my dorm next week and hopefully there’s a meet up in my city!

Ahh Lululemon, you’ve made my running fashion dreams come true…

…Now, it’s time to get running!

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