Turkey Day, The Canadian Way

A day dedicated to thanksgiving and turkey…it’s not a celebration that’s part of my culture back in Trinidad, but this being my second Thanksgiving in Canada, I’ve come to know it as a time to get together with my Canadian family and eat platefuls upon platefuls of turkey.  In other words, Thanksgiving = Happiness.

Last night we celebrated the joyous occasion with my aunt’s delicious turkey…

my mouth waters just looking at this piece of yumness.

…And took advantage of the unusual but beautifully warm fall weather by filling up our plates and dining in the backyard with a fire burning and crackling beside us…

my adorable baby cousin, enthralled with the outdoor furnace

lavender -- freshly picked from the garden for our table decoration

great big trees in the backyard

I had literally been looking forward to this meal all week long….ohh from the turkey stuffing to the sweet potatoes and corn…I can’t even tell you how wonderful it all was and how happy I was to sit with my family, surrounded by nature and enjoy a home-cooked meal.  It’s simple moments like these that I’ll remember for a long time to come.

turkey, stuffing, sweet potato and corn...deliciousness on a plate.

…Not to mention my favourite Moscato D’Asti wine from my Uncle’s fine collection.  From one “ginger ale-at-the-bar” drinker to another, I can promise you that this wine is the sweetest and lightest (and best) thing you’ll ever taste.  I absolutely adore it!

my favourite wine in the whole wide world!!

Dessert came a few hours later (we were all stuffed so silly that we needed some time to digest!).  It was well worth the wait and came in the form of a vegan pumpkin pie made with spelt flour.

oh yeah.

Ohh with words like “vegan” and “spelt flour” this dessert is right up my alley!

my huge slice!!

It was also my very first taste of pumpkin pie ever…and although I won’t put this particular pie on my list of top 10 favourite desserts just yet, it was great and just so very part of the autumn season that it’s hard not to enjoy!

enjoying pumpkin pie with my uncle!

And, of course, as all great Canadian Thanksgivings do, we ended by injecting ourselves with pathogen filled syringes.

dun dun dun!

Just kidding!  I was just getting my annual flu shot from my uncle, who also happens to be doctor!

want my lollipop and smiley face band-aid after! (if not, another piece of pumpkin pie will suffice!)

All in all, my Thanksgiving was wonderful…and has even continued into today with a plate of turkey at breakfast and another huge serving at dinner.  Delicious, Sumptuous, Scrumptiousness? I think – YES.

To all my Canadian friends and family, Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you enjoy your turkey  and your long weekend! 🙂

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3 Responses to Turkey Day, The Canadian Way

  1. Michael cory says:

    Looks lovely cuz. Glad u got to enjoy a gut busting American tradition. I loved the syringe for dessert!

  2. ArtisticIG says:

    Love the pic of Max Patrice! He’s so cute. That’s a great photo.

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