Little Victories

Today I pitched an idea for a PSA (Public Service Announcement) in my Film and Broadcast class.

I was nervous, shaking and anxious…yet incredibly excited to finally share something that I’m passionate about in hopes that those who listened would see the value in my idea too.

I spoke and the teachers seemed intrigued.  I felt hopeful that perhaps my chance to create something meaningful had arrived.

But, unfortunately, the class voted and my idea received the lowest score…so I accepted the reality — Yet again Patrice is second best…third best…maybe not even best.

But then something happened.

The teachers spoke up for my idea and though they couldn’t change my classmates’ opinions, they had the authority and had made a decision.  (It’s not exactly majority vote, but hey I’ll take it!)

So now, I’ve been given the opportunity to create a PSA on a topic that I hold near to my heart…which, if successful, might actually have a greater purpose than simply getting my group and me a decent mark.

So what is this PSA about?  Well, it’s about eating disorders…specifically, seeking out help for your struggles so that you may find the life and happiness that awaits you in recovery.  Pitching this idea today was like presenting my soul to a room of blank faces, not knowing whether they’d understand or even care about this issue that touches the lives of so many people around us each day.

And that’s why I feel so grateful to have been given the chance to make this PSA…because for me, it’s not just a school project…it’s a little personal victory that I can proudly store up on the shelves of my memories…and, moreover, it’s something that I feel is an opportunity from God to use my talents to make even the slightest difference in this world.

…And for the first time in a long time, I finally feel like I belong in this program with all the creative, imaginative and excellent people surrounding me…and that, today, is the greatest victory of them all.

taken almost a year ago with some classmates after a shoot. (i'm the girl on the far right of the bottom row)

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2 Responses to Little Victories

  1. artisticig says:

    Great to hear Patrice. I cannot wait to see it. Good luck!

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