Life is Better When…

Life is better when I don’t have to force myself to go to the gym to get some minimal form of exercise in…

it's either too cold or too dark back to the gym it is!

Life is better when the laundry, dishes and garbage take care of themselves (though they never actually do)…

the sink gets like this every few days...let's not even talk about the garbage bin..

Life is better when Mum makes the dinner and all I have to do is grab a fork…

keeping it wholesome - college style. Frozen pizza, cauliflower and absolutely delicious combination!

Life is better when I’m not crumbling under work that seems unending and impossible…

snapping a photo of myself working on a big project...clearly not struggling enough yet!

Point is…on any given day, we can probably find something that we think is holding us back from achieving a utopian existence.  But, what good does it do us if we keep focusing on the negative?

Yes, we are allowed to feel torn down…we are allowed to curl into a ball on the bed and sob…but we also have to pick up ourselves, wipe away the tears and put one foot in front the other.

As you might be able to tell from this post, I’ve been having a couple of rough days..blame it on the dreary weather, blame it on the growing pains from school…but it’s truly been a personal struggle to keep my head above the water this week.

I honestly was trying to wait until this low period blew over before writing another post, but since this blog is a reflection of my life, I feel like it’s only right to share the less glamorous moments of me learning to stand on my own two feet.  At least I am now in a place where I can reflect upon the emotional roller coaster of this last week and come away with something that I’d like to think is a bit of wisdom.

And what is this wisdom?

1) PMS is clearly to blame.

2) Homemade nachos help to ease the pain.

But, most importantly,

3) Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m Possible”.

…Alright, so I might have stolen that quote from Audrey Hepburn…but I can guarantee you that it totally applies because even the most daunting of situations…(like realizing that the organization you’re researching is closed all week and only reopens the day that your project is due)…is not insurmountable.

Some way, somehow, it will all work out.  And even if it doesn’t go according to plan, well then, you’ve certainly learned a very valuable that procrastination is a silent killer and that you better get working on the next project the day your teacher assigns it!

my pick me up - my homemade nachos with hummus and salsa on the side 🙂

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One Response to Life is Better When…

  1. ArtisticIG says:

    You can do it Patrice!

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