Oh, Hi Canada.

Christmas vacation is over.  I know this because when I looked outside my window this morning, this is what I saw.

It’s incredible how quickly time can fly.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I began this new chapter of my life – of jumping into a new culture, a new education system and a new life as a young and eager college student stepping out on her own.

Now, here I am nearly two years down the road and I feel like I’ve grown, learnt and experienced so much…I’ve been braver than I’ve ever been in my whole life thus far and slowly, I’ve made an effort to put some faith in my dreams and pursue what I want.  It’s not that I want to toot my own horn…in fact, I’m not even sure where this ego trip is coming from tonight…it’s just that sometimes, when I sit in my dorm room and realize that I’m miles away from the place that I truly call home, I remember the younger me – afraid, unsure and not knowing how I would ever survive without my mother at my side.  I remember the girl who was too afraid to make a phone call to a stranger or ask for what she needed.  I remember the girl who lacked confidence in herself.

I’m definitely not all there yet and do have many moments of pure self doubt and insecurity.  I even get really weird phone anxiety still, but knowing that my world won’t shatter to pieces if I stumble over my words or even if someone answers me with the dreaded “no” reminds me that sometimes it’s not so bad to step up and ask for what you need.  In fact, if you never ask, then you may miss out on the opportunity that you’ve been hoping and dreaming about for a long time all because you were too scared to say a sentence.

…Anyhow, I’m not quite sure how the snowy tundra outside my window inspired this quasi-motivational post, but to sum it all up before I get too carried away, here is my message in the midst of all this rambling  (and a huge reminder to myself as I head into possibly another intense semester of work) –

When your confidence fails, listen to your heart and let it speak the words that you are too afraid to say.  Know that you are worthy, that you possess talent and that you CAN DO.  Never let fear be the thing that keeps you silent and holds you back from your dreams.  And never ever give up because every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow and become stronger than the person you are today.

Here’s to a wonderful semester and a brilliant 2012.

And to many more moments of being silly with yourself and laughing till you have a six pack…

Shower Cap a la Glad Bag! – welcome to college kid life!

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2 Responses to Oh, Hi Canada.

  1. sjlopez says:

    Omg, that Glad bag shower cap is brilliant! Did it actually work?

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