4 months of making movies and drinking beer (as seen through instagram)

It’s certainly been one heck of a semester.  A recap seems to be in order.  Here – we – go!

I’ve instagram-ed.  A lot.

It’s become my favourite way of capturing moments in my life…particularly the awkward ones like, say, getting stuck in my winter coat.

Here’s what else I’ve been up to these past 4 months:

I arrived in Canada and was greeted by Snowpocalypse 2012.

Silly self-portaits in the snowy woods ensued.

I enjoyed sushi at Spoon & Fork on a lovely Saturday morning.

Then went back for some more with the roomie.

I travelled to Mitchell, Ontario to help make a movie.

And met a friend’s two lovely grandparents (who fed me really well!)

I went grocery shopping.  Repeat by a million times.

And improved on my cooking skills (or at least my food presentation skills!).

Then I decided to have some out of character fun.

Maybe a little too much…

Later, I visited Pizzeria Libretto in downtown TO for some authentic neapolitan pizzas…

And discovered the most delicious affogato ever…drooling as I think about it…

I started taking my modelling career really seriously.

And made another movie.

I went to class.  (it’s fun when your class involves a RED camera eh?)

And started working on another film.

Thought I was going to die from insane stress and exhaustion.

And perhaps nearly did…

I let my room get REALLY messy.

And kept working on that film.

Had a really amazing veggie burger at Thompson Diner in TO.

And kept working on that film.

I saw the arrival of spring.

Did some more homework.

And kept working on that film!!

Went to my first bonfire.

And co-directed a country music video.

Which you can check out here, if you’d like! (supershamelessplug)

Went to the crazy end of year beer olympics bash for some more out of character fun  🙂

Got some healthier things back into my diet.  Bye bye poutine!

And finally…finally had time to watch the last instalment of the Harry Potter saga.

So that’s been my life in film school thus far – a long four month journey filled with sleepless nights, lots of hard work and the occasional drunken night out with friends.  It’s been an insane roller coaster of a semester…and now, relaxation calls.

Until the next post…I’ll be sitting back, sipping on coffee and catching up on some zzzzss..

Hope 2012 is going great for you!

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3 Responses to 4 months of making movies and drinking beer (as seen through instagram)

  1. Wai Li says:

    I see you’re having fun. Sharing in your happiness.

  2. Ah this looks amazing! I visited Canada once and loved it.

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