Cafes and Crazy Days

Laptop open, fingers at the ready.  Moment To Memory is back for the blogging!

It’s been a solid seven months since I last posted and I honestly can’t believe the time has flown by so fast!  Spring…Summer…Fall…where have I been all this time!?

Well, a great portion of it was spent enjoying the warmth (and the food!) of the beautiful island of Trinidad that I am so very lucky to call home.

Shark and Bake…so heavenly!

Some was spent regaining the fitness that I lose every time I head back up to college (I’m doing a good job at losing it again right now!)

morning medicine ball workouts with Binky the personal trainer!

And the rest was spent somewhere between reconnecting with my best gals…

…liming under the mango tree…

Hanging out (or liming as we say in Trinidad) at Shakers on the Avenue, my favourite night spot.

…having an adventure in making peanut butter…

And, most importantly…turning the big 21!

Now, I’ve been back at film school (my final year!!) for just over 2 months and it’s been a crazy whirlwind already.  From juggling key positions on several short films with an endless slew of assignments, coupled with my search for an internship, it’s been one hectic, stressful, insane semester thus far…one that I am trying to savour as this once in a lifetime experience draws nearer and nearer to its end.

 And now, with the encouragement of some wise people, I’m back on the blog to share the little details of my life once more!

 There will be food (guaranteed) and there will be fitness (not-so-guanteed but positive thinking right!?).  But, most importantly, there will be a little blurb that pops up in this corner of the internet once or twice a week in hopes that you’ll come back to share in the moments that make up my life.

I’d love to share in yours too.

Until the next, I’ll be sitting at a cafe, enjoying some noms and typing the days away!

Happy Monday!

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