The Post With The Unfortunate Shoe Metaphor

Hey there!  Guess who’s back again!

It’s everyone’s favourite delinquent blogger, Patrice!  Yes indeed.  I’m here and I’m ready, so 1….2….3….let’s go!!


Coming back to the blog after several months of sporadic posting, I couldn’t quite figure out where to begin or what to write.  In fact, I was almost a little embarrassed to begin posting again after quietly fading away from the blog for a third time last November.  As the weeks rolled on and the new year rolled in, I found myself wanting more and more to write something…anything, but totally out of words and ideas for posts.  Having spent the last two years trying to make this space into an inspiring healthy living blog, just the thought about once again putting an intense focus on my life habits made me a bit nervous.   I’d been down that path before and, even though it works beautifully for some bloggers, it just didn’t work for me.  So, between my new internship and working on my thesis film at school, I did some thinking and today, as I put pen to paper (or technically fingers to keyboard) I’ve finally got the courage to embark on a new writing adventure.  (An encouraging email from a kind supporter also helped greatly and I owe so much of this post to her!)

For a lot of my life, I’ve been a highly strung kid who has tried to fit herself into a lot of different shoes.  Some were too high, too narrow, too small or too big, but I’d work my hardest to squeeze my dinosaur feet into them and feel pretty damn lame when I couldn’t walk gracefully.  But recently, something has changed in me and although it’s taken a few years of sore and blistered feet, I’ve finally found the courage to look for the pair that fits me (even if it’s not what the cool kids are wearing) and I think I’m pretty close to finding the perfect fit.  To reel in that unnecessarily elaborate (and probably unsuccessful) metaphor, at the age of twenty-one and after spending years of hating on myself and basing my self-esteem on the comparisons I make with those around me, I’ve finally begun to feel comfortable in my own skin..and dare I say, I’m quite proud of who I am becoming.


Which is why today, as I begin to blog again, I’m taking the pressure off.  No more trying to fit myself into the mould of what I think a healthy living blogger should be.  No more worrying about what people will think or say about my posts (or even worse, that no one will read my posts at all!).  No more comparing my blog to all the other blogs out there and feeling like it’s just not good and will never be good enough.  The fact is, all I’ve ever really wanted to do with this blog is to just write and, from today, I’m going to do just that.  I’m simply going to write and write and write and really find out if this is something that I can actually be good at and be passionate about.  It’s about time that I start being true to myself and stop being afraid to walk my own path…or as Robert Frost liked to call it, “the road less travelled by”…because it does indeed “make all the difference”.


So here we go.  Another post to mark another new beginning….and this one has been long overdue!

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